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CHE 106 Section M029, Exam #3, EXAM VERSION A Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Of the atoms below, __________ is the least electronegative. A) Cl B) Rb C) F D) Ca E) Si 2) PCl 5 has __________ electron domains and a __________ molecular arrangement. A) 6, trigonal bipyramidal B) 6, tetrahedral C) 6, seesaw D) 5, square pyramidal E) 5, trigonal bipyramidal 3) The electron - domain geometry of a carbon - centered compound is tetrahedral. The hybridization of the central carbon atom is __________. A) sp 2 B) sp C) sp 3 d 2 D) sp 3 E) sp 3 d 4) Which of the following does not have eight valence electrons? A) Rb + B) Ca + C) Br - D) Xe E) All of the above have eight valence electrons. 5) A typical triple bond __________. A) is longer than a single bond B) consists of one σ bond and two π bonds C) consists of two σ bonds and one π bond D) consists of three shared electrons E) consists of six shared electron pairs 1
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6) According to VSEPR theory, if there are three electron domains in the valence shell of an atom, they will be arranged in a(n) __________ geometry. A) linear B) tetrahedral C) trigonal planar D) trigonal bipyramidal E) octahedral 7) The molecular geometry of the left - most carbon atom in the molecule below is
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Exam3_CHE106_2009_VERSION_A - CHE 106 Section M029, Exam...

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