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Notes - Section 2.1-2.5

Notes - Section 2.1-2.5 - Paul Jackman Chemistry CHE 106...

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Paul Jackman September 10, 2009 Chemistry CHE 106 – M029 Section 2.1-2.5 Notes 2.1 The Atomic Theory of Matter John Dalton comprised what is known as the atomic theory Atoms are the smallest particles of an element that retain the chemical identity of the element Law of constant composition- in a given compound, the relative numbers and kinds of atoms are constant Law of conservation of mass (law of conservation of matter)- the total mass of materials present after a chemical reaction is the same as the total mass present before the reaction Law of multiple proportions- if two elements a and b combine to form more than one compound the masses of b that can combine with a given mass of a are in the ratio of small whole numbers 2.2 The Discovery of Atomic Structure The atom is composed of still smaller subatomic particles Cathode Rays and Electrons Cathode rays- streams of electrons that are produced when a high voltage is applied to electrodes in an evacuated tube Radioactivity
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