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Tran 1 Polar Bears: Adapting to Mother Nature The existences of polar bears are a well known concern in our society today . Many reasons to why polar bears are endangered are mainly because of global warming . Polar bears are faced with potential drastic changes to their ice habitat in the near future (Dyck et al . 2009). Polar bears use the sea-ice platform to hunt prey, such as the ringed seals . Without their ice habitat, the polar bears will not have enough ice time to accumulate the necessary body fat reserves they need to live off when stranded on land during summers . The extinction of any animal is dangerous to the entire planet because of the ecosystem that is balanced by all animals and plant life . This is even more serious when extinction threatens an animal that is at the top of the food chain, polar bear being one of them . In this paper, I will examine the main issues on the extinction of polar bears as a result of climate change, alternative summer diet, and energy balance . Together, these studies show data on how global warming is the cause of extinction of polar bears . Rockwell et al . (2009) examined as climate change advances the date of spring breakup in Hudson Bay, polar bears are coming ashore earlier . Since they would have lost some of their opportunities to hunt ringed seals from a sea ice platform, they may be deficient in energy . The eggs thee polar bears are known to eat, geese eggs, could make up some of their energy shortfall . Recent studies show that the annual survival rate for subadult bears declined in contrast to that of prime aged individuals . If this reduction in survival is related to an increasing energy deficit, the consumption of goose eggs may reverse the trend and help stabilize the population . There is little doubt that the global climate is changing and even less that these changes are negatively
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Tran 2 impacting Polar Regions . Since polar bears depend on sea ice for many aspects of their life, the continuing sea ice declines and temperature ameliorations predicted by climate change models are reason for concern (Rockwell et al
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Biology 9 - Term Paper Polar Bearss - Tran 1 Polar Bears:...

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