English 1A - Essay #1 Literature Analysis

English 1A - Essay #1 Literature Analysis - Tran 1...

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Tran 1 Christina Tran English 1A Professor Stagnaro MWF 8:00am-8:50am When the Emperor was Divine In Julies Otsuka’s novel, “When the Emperor was Divine”, during World War II, a group of Japanese-Americans were forced out of their homes into an internment camp . Japanese- American men were taken out of their homes and taken in for questioning . In this short novel, the narrator will explain what it was like to be in the internment camp and the aftermath when the war was over . She never mention any of the characters names in the novel, I believe it is to make them appear generic . In this novel, each chapter flawlessly executed from a different point of view, the mother receiving the order to evacuate, the daughter on the long train ride to the camp, the son in the desert encampment, the family’s return to their home, and the bitter release of the father after more than four years in captivity . The father was taken away for questioning in the Confession . It seems as if the dad was talking to the interrogator and telling them what they wanted to hear . The father in this novel represented every Japanese-American that was ever accused of being a spy and hated by the Americans . Japanese-American men were taken into questioning after the bombing of Pearl Harbor . Therefore, to Americans, any one of Japanese decent was seen as the enemy . Without any given reason, all Japanese-American men were dragged out of their homes
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English 1A - Essay #1 Literature Analysis - Tran 1...

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