English 1A - Essay #2 Rhetorical Analysis

English 1A - Essay #2 Rhetorical Analysis - her abdomen and...

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Christina Tran English 1A Prof. Stagnaro 8:00am-8:50am Test-Tube Babies: Solution or Problem? Why would women want to implant an embryo into their womb? Is implantation of early embryos into a women’s womb safe? In an article, Test-Tube Babies: Solution or Problem? Ruth Hubbard states, “10 million Americans are infertile (Hubbard)”, which mean they are incapable of bearing a child and needs help becoming pregnant. One solution for this is in vitro fertilization. How does this work? First, the women’s hormones are monitored to determine when she is about to ovulate, she is then admitted to the hospital and the egg is collected. By collecting the egg, a small incision is made by
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Unformatted text preview: her abdomen and a metal tube is inserted through the cut. The egg is then removed shortly before it would normally be shed from the ovary. After the egg has been separated from the women, it is then put into another tube and inserted through the womens cervix, and flushed into the uterus. After learning more about this procedure, many question if this procedure is safe. Implantation of early embryos into a womens womb can be very dangerous, therefore I agree with Hubbard and oppose to using it and developing it any further. imp...
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