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Tran 1 Christina Tran English 1A Prof . Stagnaro 8:00am-8:50am MWF Social Networking On ABC News in an article, “Parents: Cyber Bullying Led to Teen’s Suicide,” explains how social networking is a dangerous place for teenagers . The parents of a thirteen-year-old girl who believe their daughter’s suicide in October 2006 was the result of a cruel cyber hoax . It is said that the mother of a former friend of Megan’s allegedly created a fictitious profile in order to gain Megan’s trust and learn what Megan was saying about her daughter . But the communication eventually turned hostile . Megan Meier sometimes suffered from low self- esteem and was on medication at the time of her death . When a cute boy befriended Megan on the social networking site, MySpace, the two formed a quick connection during their more than month-long relationship . Little did Megan know, the supposedly sixteen-year-old, Evans, who lived nearby and was home schooled was actually a neighborhood mom . The internet was first introduced in October 1972 at the first International Conference on Computers and Communication, in Washington DC . The internet had existed in the late 1960s to allow scientist to access remote computers for research, and it was called the ARPANET . When the internet was first introduced to the public, it was only capable of sending messages over the net, allowing direct person to person communication that we now refer to as e-mail . In 1974, ARPA scientist worked closely with experts in Stanford to develop a common language that
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Tran 2 would allow different networks to communicate with each other, known as a transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) (Griffiths) . The development of TCP/IP marked a crucial state in networking development, and it is important to reflect on the implications inherent in the design concepts . From then on, the internet became more advance where people where able to see each other through what we call a “webcam” and instant messaging . By the end of 2004, about 70 million adults logged onto the internet everyday in the United States alone, up to 52 million four years earlier . Sixty-three percent of the Internet users where adults, while teens logging on at eighty-seven percent of those between the ages of 12 to 17 (Clemmitt) . Before MySpace and Facebook , there were many more social networks. Many people are not aware of them because social networks like myYearbook, Xanga, Friendster, etc . All these social networks came before MySpace and Facebook, but no one was really interested in them . MySpace, one of the most popular social networking websites in the world was created in 2003 but it did not become popular until 2005 (Wikipedia) . After the year 2005, it seemed as if MySpace took over the world . Online gambling was never popular either. More people knew about online poker gambling from social networking website . FaceBook, one of the social networking websites allowed their users to play games against other people on the network
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English 1A - Essay #5 Introduction - Tran 1 Christina Tran...

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