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Social Security Act : the landmarks social security act of 1935 provided for old age pensions and unemployment insurance. A payroll tax for workers and their employees created a fund from which retirees receive monthly pensions after the age of 65. Payment size depends on hw much employees and their employers contribute. The acts unemployment compensation plan established a minimum weekly payment and a min number of weeks during which those who lost jobs could collect. Pearl Harbor : in May 1940, Roosevelt transferred the Pacific fleet from its California bases to a forward position at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Less than five months later, Japan formally joined Germany and Italy as a full axis ally. Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, carrier-borne Japanese bombers struck the Pacific Fleet at Pearl harbor. Within two hours, Japanese Pilots destroyed 200 American planes. On December 8, declaring the attack on pearl harbor, a day that pres. Roosevelt said we “will live in infamy” asked congress for a declaration of war against Japan. In 1977, congress agreed and on December 11, Hitler ordered Reichstag to proclaim war against “half Judalized and half negrified Americans”. War had now begun for the Americans. FDR
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