History 51 - Cheat Sheet Midterm #2 - French Absolutism...

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French Absolutism – Henry IV converts to Catholicism and centralized its state by developing Absolutism. Duke de Sully was his advisor and he helped him in developing Absolutism. The process of Absolutism included limiting the power of nobles, ending religious feud between certain nobles, they also limit powers of religious assemblies at parliament, build up nation wide Bureaucracy, and the French centralized the economy by developing industries. After Henry IV reign was over, his son Louie XIII took over power from 1610-1643. he wanted to reduce the power and the noble. He did not want French swordsmen fighting French swordsmen so he executed anyone that was dueling. Fronde – Louie XIII died in 1643 and his son Louie XIV, a noble, saw a chance to take Feudal Privileges and attacked central states because of Henry IV. Fronde fell apart because of disagreements. Louie XIV was warned that the nobles are a huge problem so he created a palace in Versailles outside of Paris to attain the nobles, which they were closely watched by Louie. Louie’s five rule of Absolutism is that the king must have an army, must be religious authority, must be wealthy, must be in control and must be center of authority (godlike). Seven years War – a European conflict from 1756 -1763. a primary theme was the struggle for supremacy in Germany between Prussia under the ambitious Frederick II the great and Austria under Maria Theresa. But there were also colonial wars between France and Britain for control of North America and India. Britain wanted to reduce France’s power and to protect Hannover the crown’s Continental possession was Prussia’s main ally. Count von Kauntiz, the Austrian chancellor, believed that Austria first had to defeat Prussia. Kaunitz suggested an Austro-French alliance. Britain approached Frederick II and proposed an alliance that would protect Hannover from France. In 1756 France concluded the Treaty of Versailles, a defensive alliance, with Austria. In the early stages of the war, Frederick seized the initiative in August 1756 by invading neighboring Saxony. Austria tried to join forces with the Saxons but Frederick prevented it. The Prussians turned from Prague and met the Austrians at Kolin on June 18, 1757. Frederick suffered a sharp defeat and retreated from Bohemia. In August, Frederick attacked them at
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History 51 - Cheat Sheet Midterm #2 - French Absolutism...

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