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Psycology 5 - Homework #1 - d 1888 e 1890 f 1895 g 1900 h...

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PSYCHOLOGY’S TIMELINE Name: This activity will take you on a tour through the history of psychology. You will learn how psychology grew out of philosophy and medical physiology, and will become acquainted with some of the pioneers of psychology as a scientific discipline. The Early History: Philosophers and Scientists Match each of the philosophers and scientists with their descriptions AND write in the approximate year of their contribution. a. 320B.C b. 360B.C. c. 1600 d. 1700 e. 1830 f. 1860 g. British philosopher, empiricist h. Greek philosopher, nativist i. British biologist j. German physiologist k. French philosopher, nativist, and dualist l. Greek philosopher, mpiricist Year Type of  Philosopher Aristotle a.             l. Darwin e. i. Descartes c. k. Helmholtz f.  j. Locke d. g. Plato b. h. Pioneers of Psychology Match each of the pioneers of psychology with their descriptions AND the approximate year of their main contribution a. 1879 b. 1882 c. 1885 d. 1888
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Unformatted text preview: d. 1888 e. 1890 f. 1895 g. 1900 h. Studied memory i. First psychotherapy j. First lab in the US k. Used introspection l. First comprehensive textbook m. First psychology laboratory n. First woman president of APA Christina Tran Year Contributi on Calkins f. n. Ebbingha us d. h. Freud g. i. Hall b. j. James e. l. Titchener c. k. Wundt a. m. Twentieth Century Psychology Match each of the key contributors with their description AND the approximate year of their main contribution. a. 1905 b. 1910 c. 1915 d. 1920 e. 1940 f. 1950 g. 1955 h. 1960 i. 1970 j. Studied learning in cats k. First woman Ph.D. l. Discovered conditioning m. Founded behaviorism n. Studied reinforcement o. Studied children’s intelligence p. Studied lange q. Humanistic approach r. Humanistic therapy Year Contributio n Chomsky h. p. Maslow g. q. Pavlov a. l. Piaget f. o. Rogers i. r. Skinner e. n. Thorndike b. j. Washburn c. k. Watson d. m....
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