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Tran 1 Christina Tran Sociology 1 Donna Provenza 9:00am-9:50am MWF The Secret Life of Bees The book, The Secret Life of Bees , took place in South Carolina in 1964, which was around the time of the Civil Rights Act . This is a story about a fourteen-year-old girl, who barely remembers her past after her mother past away . The only mother like figure that she has is her black housekeeper, Rosaleen . One day, Rosaleen insults three of the deepest racist in town and was beaten up and sentence to jail for it . Lily fed up with her father and the abusive home life decides to run away with Rosaline to go searching for her mother’s past . Stopping at a small town in South Carolina for food, she saw a jar of honey with reminded her of her mother . She decides to go find where the beekeeper lives, come to find they were three African American women, the Boatwright Sisters, August, May, and June . Scared that they would report her as a runaway and she would be forced to go back to her father, T . Ray, Lily made up a lie that her and Rosaline were just passing by and needed money for train tickets . August Boatwright, the eldest of the Boatwright Sisters, agreed to let her stay at their house and work for the money . This is where Lily was introduced to the mesmerizing world of bees and honey . Working for the Boatwright Sisters, Lily was then introduced to Zach Taylor . Together they worked side by side and got along very well . Lily then started to grow feelings for him, which was unacceptable since he was African American and she was Caucasian . One day, they both decided to go watch
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Tran 2 a movie, but Zach was then imprisoned because of his race . This brought to a very tragic event that happened in the Boatwright family . May, who was extremely sensitive and prone to depression, was very close to Zach . After she had found out about the news of Zach, she became depressed and decided to go for a walk . Taking a very long time, everyone decided to go look for her, come to find that she had killed herself in the river . In mourning, Lily then confesses to August the real reason why she and Rosaleen were staying at their house . After talking to August about her mother’s past, she then realizes that her mother grew up with August, who once was her housekeeper . Lily then found out that her mother was trying to leave her and her father behind . The next day, there was a knock at the door and when Lily answered it, she saw her father standing at the front steps . Lily’s father, T. Ray had come to take her back, but she refuses to leave . With the help of August, Rosaleen and even June, who found it difficult to like Lily at
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Sociology 1 - The Secret Life of Bees - Tran 1 Christina...

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