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Huamism Essay --Banerjee 2007 - Gold Foundation Essay...

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Gold Foundation Essay Thinking Outside the Box Mitali Banerjee D espite my orientation the previous afternoon, all the patients in small glass boxes made my brain, deprived of breakfast, think it might still be in a dreaming state, an Aldous Huxley world: rows of large heads with enormous eyes, small hands with their tiny fingers grasping at the air. I watched one of the patients yawn, opening his mouth so wide I could see the bare gums where it looked as if he might have teeth, though he did not. I tried to think of what the resident had called them when she introduced me to the patient yesterday afternoon, and then resorted to looking at notes I had jotted in the margins of the patient list on my clipboard: Epstein pearls, resembling emerging teeth . As I flipped open the patient’s chart to see if the night nurse had noted anything remarkable about my patient during her shift, I repeated to myself so that I would remember: Epstein pearls Epstein pearls Epstein pearls . Washing my hands and donning gloves, I carefully opened the front of the box to examine the patient on his third day of life. I had to uncover the torso and legs from the tightly wrapped blanket, my left hand beneath his neck and upper back to lift the body slightly. He watched me with his almond-shaped eyes as I placed my disinfected stethoscope on his belly. The resident had told me yesterday that the patient most likely had a murmur from an endocardial cushion defect, but I could not distinguish the first heart sound from the second or even one beat from the next. I reviewed the other findings the resident had shown me yesterday. The almond- shaped eyes result from prominent epicanthal folds . At the periphery of the iris, if I looked carefully, I could see small whitish flecks, Brushfield spots . The patient grasped my finger reflexively as I tried to open his palm to see the simian crease , the single transverse line across his palm, wondering wryly what a fortune- teller would say about his future. I went to the team room for morning rounds. A broad-shouldered man seated on a leather sofa reading The New York Times set aside the paper and introduced himself as Dr. M in a sonorous voice inflected with a South African accent. The two pediatric interns, followed by the
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Huamism Essay --Banerjee 2007 - Gold Foundation Essay...

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