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Summary+W2010 - Summary Essay Jan 19 Rough draft of...

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Summary Essay Jan 19: Rough draft of summary—bring an electronic copy. You will upload this to the Olsen File Folders so that your group members can access it. Jan 21: Final draft due. Hand me a hard copy. Choose one of the following essays from The New Humanities Reader: Gertner, “The Futile Pursuit of Happiness” or Twenge, “Army of One: Me” or Jenkins, “Why Heather Can Write” Write a summary of 500-600 words. This is a strict word requirement, the only one I will give you this quarter. You are to summarize the author’s argument—do not “respond” to it via critique or counter-argument. Instead, you are simply paring away the explanations and subtopics to find and convey the author’s key point(s). You may find that you have to explain some key terms.
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