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History Final Paper - History Final Paper Leading into the...

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History Final Paper Leading into the war it seemed that the South had many large advantages over the north but as the war continued these advantages turned into disadvantages with out their maintenance. While the North may have not had the heart of the eleven confederate states they had the strong leadership of Lincoln and the technology and resources to back themselves up. Many of the southern advantages pertain to the area in which the fighting took place while the north greatest advantage was their technological advances and resources. The south had the advantage of fighting at home and in their territory. While the north had to bring all of their supplies and soldiers down to invade the southern states succeeding from the nation, the south had their supplies all right there. This meant that there was no need for the extra pain of invasion and that they had all their supplies with them instead of having to carry them to battle. The north was attacking the southerners and therefore nearly all southerners were eager to fight back and defend the confederacy. Each man was fighting in his own backyard and therefore fighting for his own freedom and way of life. Each family’s life depended on the slave trade even if they themselves did not own slaves. The northern soldiers on the other hand had to travel long distances to fight a war that may or may not affect their current day-to-day life. Many northerners did not support the war and more thought of it as a strain on economy and not their fight. Most northerners also had day jobs that they would have to leave for the army. The north,
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History Final Paper - History Final Paper Leading into the...

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