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Econ 201 - Syllabus 2009

Econ 201 - Syllabus 2009 - ECONOMICS 201 SPRING 2009...

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1 ECONOMICS 201 SPRING 2009 INTERMEDIATE MICROECONOMICS MWF 8:30-9:20a White Hall 205 Professor Andrew Francis Rich Building 306H Office hours: MW 3:00-5:00p Email: [email protected] Course Description This course covers major topics in microeconomic theory, including consumer and producer theory, competitive equilibrium, externalities, asymmetric information, market power, and game theory. Not only will we study theory but also apply what we have learned to analyze important real-world issues. Assignments Final grades will be based on three factors: (a) Three exams (25% each) (b) Three “applications” (5% each) (c) Class participation (10%) Exams are not cumulative, and are based on the concepts discussed in class. The “applications” are short assignments that apply the theory to real-world issues. The participation grade depends on attendance and class participation. I reserve the right to decrease your final grade for poor attendance. Also, we will have six ungraded problem sets that I will solve in class.
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