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Homework #7, Due 11/12/09 I. (20%) Problem 7.16 of the text. Make plots on a log/log scale. II. (20%) Problem 7.21 of text, but take the minority carrier lifetime in the collector to be 2500 ps as in the base if necessary. Do not concern yourself with the charge control model or commenting on the results. Assume the emitter width is much greater than the minority carrier diffusion length in the emitter. III. (20%) Repeat Problem 7.21 of the text with the emitter and collector contacts reversed (as perhaps by accident during metallization layout), and again assume that the minority carrier lifetime in the old collector/new emitter is 2500 ps as in the base if necessary. How do the two values of β
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Unformatted text preview: compare? Neglect changes to the base width (although it would in fact probably become larger during normal operation). IV. (40%) Given 3 GaAs npn transistors which are identical except that Transistor #2 has a base region width twice as wide as Transistor #1 and Transistor #3 has a base region doped twice as heavily as Transistor #1. All other dopings and lengths are identical for Transistors #1, #2 and #3. Identify the transistor or transistors that have the greatest of each of the following and give clear mathematical reasons in each case: (a) emitter injection efficiency, (b) base transport factor, (c) base-to-collector current amplification factor and (d) distortion due to base narrowing....
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