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Homework%206 - on a piece of Ge which has an electron...

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Homework #6, Due 11/5/09 I. (20 points) Problem 5.13 of text. In (a) “Charge storage capacitance” is another term for the “diffusion capacitance.” Part (b) refers to the minority carrier injection/diffusion currents. Assume identical minority carrier lifetimes. Also “dominate” might be too strong a word. Just figure out which would be greater. II. (25 points) Problem 5.14 of text. Fig 5-22 may be helpful for part (b). Assume that the Fermi level on the p + side is approximately at the valence band edge. III. (25 points) Problem 5.40 of text. IV. (30 points) Consider putting down a metal electrode with a 4.50 eV work function
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Unformatted text preview: on a piece of Ge which has an electron affinity of 4.00 eV, an intrinsic carrier concentration at 300K of 2.5 x 10 13 /cm 3 , and that is doped with 1.0 x 10 16 donors/cm 3 . Assume an ideal contact. (a) What is the work function in the Ge? (b) Is this a Schottky barrier or an ohmic contact? (c) & (d): repeat parts (a) and (b) assuming that the Ge is doped with 1.0 x 10 16 acceptors/cm 3 . Take the intrinsic Fermi level as being precisely mid gap in the Ge. Neglect tunneling through any barrier and assume that any barrier over a few k B T in height is a significant barrier....
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