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Homework #5, Due 10/29/09 I. (25 points) Problem 5.9 of text. Assume complete ionization. II. (25 points) Problem 5.21 of text. III. (25 points) Problem 5.27 of text. Again assume complete ionization on both sides. IV. (25 points) Problems 5.35 of text. Note that x x x x x x x x e e e e x x e e x e e x + = = + = = ) sinh( ) cosh( ctnh(x) 2 ) cosh(
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Unformatted text preview: , 2 ) sinh( Also be careful of notation: Here x n is just x on the n-side and x n = 0 is the n-side edge of the depletion region (not x n = x n,o as in figures in the text). And p n is the equilibrium value of the minority hole concentration (what I have labeled p n-side,o in my notes). 1...
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