Literature Search for Laparoscopy

Literature Search for Laparoscopy - A literature search was...

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A literature search was performed on December 11 th , 2009 in efforts to justify the use of pigs to improve laparoscopic surgery. The first (and successive) search criteria were: Laparoscopic AND pig yielded 1341 results Laparoscopic AND surgery AND pig yielded 1299 results Laparoscopic AND surgery AND pig AND training yielded 142 results The porcine model as an ideal laparoscopic tool became apparent as we sifted through the first set of results. From the first article, usage of an experimental porcine model was imperative in the investigation of advanced laparoscopic techniques and the study of how to localize stents 1 . According to an article published in Urology, 2009, the porcine model served as an excellent medium in the training of beginners (without any clinical acumen). The trainees observed the initial processes and then were instructed to perform (relatively) simpler operations such as laparoscopic renal cyst unroofing 2 . Furthermore, a third article emphasizes the presence of a learning curve in laparoscopic techniques, one that can be
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