EULA - License Agreement for NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit IMPORTANT...

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License Agreement for NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit IMPORTANT NOTICE -- READ CAREFULLY: This License Agreement ("License") for NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit, including computer software and associated documentation ("Software"), is the LICENSE which governs use of the SOFTWARE of NVIDIA Corporation and its subsidiaries ("NVIDIA") downloadable herefrom. By downloading, installing, copying, or otherwise using the SOFTWARE, You (as defined below) agree to be bound by the terms of this LICENSE. If You do not agree to the terms of this LICENSE, do not download the SOFTWARE. RECITALS Use of NVIDIA's products requires three elements: the SOFTWARE, the NVIDIA GPU, and a computer system. The SOFTWARE is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The SOFTWARE is not sold, and instead is only licensed for Your use, strictly in accordance with this document. The hardware is protected by various patents, and is sold, but this LICENSE does not cover that sale, since it may not necessarily be sold as a package with the SOFTWARE. This LICENSE sets forth the terms and conditions of the SOFTWARE LICENSE only. 1. DEFINITIONS 1.1 Licensee. "Licensee," "You," or "Your" shall mean the entity or individual that downloads and uses the SOFTWARE. 2. GRANT OF LICENSE 2.1 Rights and Limitations of Grant. NVIDIA hereby grants Licensee the following non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable (except as stated otherwise below) right to use the SOFTWARE, with the following limitations: 2.1.1 Usage Rights. Licensee may install and use multiple copies of the SOFTWARE on a shared computer or concurrently on different computers, and make multiple back-up copies of the SOFTWARE, solely for Licensee's use within Licensee's Enterprise. "Enterprise" shall mean individual use by Licensee or any legal entity (such as a corporation or university) and the subsidiaries it owns by more than 50 percent. 2.1.2. Redistribution Rights. Licensee may, transfer, redistribute and sublicense certain files of the SOFTWARE, as referenced in Attachment A of this Agreement; provided, however Licensee shall only install such files into a private (non-shared) directory location that is used only by Licensee's product. 2.1.3 Linux/FreeBSD Exception. Notwithstanding the foregoing terms of Section 2.1.1, SOFTWARE designed exclusively for use on the Linux or FreeBSD operating systems, or other operating systems derived from the source code to these operating systems, may be copied and redistributed, provided that the binary files thereof are not modified in any way (except for unzipping of compressed files). 2.1.4 Limitations. No Reverse Engineering. Licensee may not reverse engineer, decompile,
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or disassemble the SOFTWARE, nor attempt in any other manner to obtain the source code. No Separation of Components. The SOFTWARE is licensed as a single product.
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EULA - License Agreement for NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit IMPORTANT...

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