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Unformatted text preview: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------NVIDIA CUDA Programming GuideRevision History----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 2.3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 4.2- Updated now that all GPUs in SLI mode are accessible via the CUDA driverand runtime as separate devices- Section Warned about mis-aligned reads producing incorrect results - New appendix D on C++ language constructs supported in device code--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 2.3 Beta--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 3.2.10- Mentioned CUDA-GDB- Section B.7- Listed functions affected by -use_fast_math- Section C.2.1- Added __float2ll and __float2ull--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 2.2.1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modified all driver API code samples to use the correct way of passingdevice pointers as parameters to kernel launches- Section 3.2.3- Mentioned cudaThreadExit()- Section 3.2.5- Mentioned that the simple zero-copy SDK sample comes with a detaileddocument on the page-locked memory APIs- Section 3.3- Updated to recommend loading ptx for applications that want to run onfuture device architectures- Sections A.1- Added more GPUs- Sections A.1.1- Mentioned the 16K limit for local memory--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 2.2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sections and 3.3.8- Mentioned how to check support for mapped page-locked host memory- Section 3.2.7- Mentioned cudaWGLGetDevice() and Quadro's high performance OpenGLinteroperability in multi-device configurations- New sections 3.3.12 and 3.3.12 on error handling.- New section 3.4 on versioning and compatibility- New section 3.5 on compute modes- Section Throughput now expressed in instructions per clock cycles- Expanded on slow and fast paths of argument reduction code fortrigonometric functions- Section A.2- Mentioned single-precision IEEE-compliant software implementations--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 2.2 Beta--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter on programming interface reorganized and rewritten with more codesamples- Chapter on hardware implementation moved to after chapter on programminginterface- Section 3.2.4 and B.8 modified to reflect new support for texturing fromlinear memory (2D textures, texture filtering, addressing modes, andnormalized texture coordinates)- Section 3.2.5- Updated with new page-locked host memory functions and features- Section 3.3.3- Section 3....
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NVIDIA_CUDA_ProgrammingGuideRevisionHistory -...

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