more egypt - ▼ ✓ pocket or pouch • ✓ container of...

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More Egypt/Zoroatrianism NOTES MISSING LATE ... Pharaoh Amenhotep IV Akhenaton: Aton is pleased The author of world's oldest monotheism with Aton (solardisk) as the sole God He moved his capital to a new location and named it Akhetaten – Zoroastrianism (parsi religion) zarathustra spitame (660-583 BCE) of "Magi" (priestly class) in Ancient Persia the religion of "revelation" avesta (the holy book) - Gathas (words of zoroaster) religion of "fire temple" fire kept lit in center of building monotheism ahura mazda (ormazd) (good god side) angra mainyu (ahriman) (evil devil side) zoroastrian dualism: light/darkness good/evil truth/falsehood justice injustice life/death "clean"/"unclean"--moral quality, not physical – Sudreh and Kusti sudreh plain white ceremonial undergarment warn throughout life. ..and death
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Unformatted text preview: ▼ ✓ pocket or pouch • ✓ container of life long accumulation of what you have done • ❑ Kusti ▼ ✓ Nirang - holy water • ✓ Bull Urine ▼ ✓ Zoroastrian Eschatology: • ✓ the vision of the end • ✓ the final judgement • ✓ resurrection & the universal salvation ▼ – Zoroastrian Funerary Practice ▼ – Bungli (funeral house) • ❑ preperation of body ▼ ✓ Nasu (agent of Angra Mainu. ..agent of everything negative) • ✓ dogs used to keeping evill angra mainu from taking over spirit ▼ ✓ Sudreh, Kisti • ✓ changed into after 3 days ▼ ✓ Dakhma (the tower of silence) • ✓ after death, after bugli, body transported to • ✓ vultures take care of corpse ▼ ✓ The Destiny Of The Soul • ✓ Sraosha, spirit double/soul is escorted by Fravshi to the bridge • ✓ cross the Chinvat Bridge to meet Mithra...
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more egypt - ▼ ✓ pocket or pouch • ✓ container of...

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