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Rockway Nick Rockway Burgess APUSH 29 September 2009 Jacksonian Democrat DBQ Jacksonian Democrats regarded themselves as guardians of the United States Constitution, political democracy, individual liberty and equality of economic opportunity. However, these declarations are not necessarily true. Although Jacksonian Democrats did much to advance and protect political democracy and equality of economic opportunity, they often disregarded the Constitution and opposed individual liberty of everyone aside from white males. Although Jackson claimed to be a staunch supporter of the United States Constitution, he allowed for personal relationships to interfere with his political decisions. In regards to the Indian Removal Act, John Marshall declared that usurping land from the Cherokee Indians was unconstitutional. However, Jackson ignored Marshall’s decision and forced the Cherokees down the “Trail of Tears” (Doc. G). Jackson, ever in support of the common man, justified his actions by stating that the average American citizen supported him in his decision. Jackson further abuses the Constitution by instating the “Gag Rule” which forbade talk of abolitionism in Congress from 1835 to 1844. The Gag Rule was unconstitutional due to the fact that it denied First Amendment rights to Abolitionists. It also demonstrates that the Jacksonian Democrats cared very little about individual liberty for African-Americans (Doc. F). 1
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Rockway However, concessions can be made that Jacksonian Democrats upheld the United States Constitution. During the Nullification Crisis, Jackson stood in strong affirmation of the Constitution. Jackson noted that South Carolina was “in direct violation” of the
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andrew jackson dbq - Rockway 1 Nick Rockway Burgess APUSH...

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