syllabus-spring10 - Syllabus for Spring 2010

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Economics 3377 – Economics of Public Finance Spring, 2010 Professor Scott Imberman 202B McElhinney (mailbox: 204 McElhinney) 713-743-3839 TA – Sine Tepe Course Description : In the United States, the government plays a very large role in the economy. Every year the government spends an equivalent of 31% of US GDP and takes in the equivalent of 27% of GDP. As citizens in a democratic country it is our responsibility to ensure that the government acts properly and efficiently when deciding how to spend money and raise revenues. In order to do this, we need to have firm understandings about the reasons for and consequences of government actions. Public finance (also known as public economics) is the study of how these various government actions affect people and the economy at large. The goals for this course are as follows: (1) to provide you with a firm understanding of how the government interacts with the economy so that you can be fully informed when you perform your civic duties as a citizen in a democracy (2) to provide you with an understanding of how the government affects your daily lives (3) to give background and training to aid you if you choose to pursue a career or further study in public service or economics We will use both theory and applications to study this issue. The course will have a heavy public policy focus with discussions of specific government policies and programs. There will be some use of mathematics at the high-school algebra level. Prerequisites: Econ 2304 or 3332 or permission of the instructor. Course webpage: Class meetings: Class will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00pm – 2:30pm in McElhinney 115 . Office Hours
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syllabus-spring10 - Syllabus for Spring 2010

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