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SYSC4203-Midterm-fall2009-v1 - SYSC 4203 Midterm Exam:1...

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SYSC 4203: Midterm Exam (#:1) October 29, 2009 Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada Background: You get a job working for a company that wants to design “high tech” sports equipment. This equipment will monitor the heart rate and other physiological parameters of the customers while they’re working out. These data will then be wirelessly transmitted via bluetooth to a software module that can be installed onto the customers laptop, PDA or smartphone. The key business drivers for these products is the ability of customers to monitor their exercise performance over time, so the company plans to develop web applications which allow participation in online fitness forums. Your job will be to design a monitoring system for a set of weights, as shown in the sketch. A set of stain- less steel electrodes is placed into a bar for weightlifting, which measure the voltage difference between the hands.
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