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Unformatted text preview: Ocular albinism F1 pr + vg X + pr pr vg Tester vg pr pr vg vg pr + vg + 1:1 ratio F1 pr + vg X + pr pr vg tester vg Parentals pr pr vg vg pr + vg + 1:1 ratio TYPE OF DROSOPHIILA TYPE OF DROSOPH LA WIILD--TYPE W LD TYPE PURPLE VESTIIGIIAL PURPLE VEST G AL VESTIIGIIAL VEST G AL PURPLE PURPLE GENE COMBIINATIION GENE COMB NAT ON ++//prrvg ++ p vg prrvg//prrvg p vg p vg +vg//prrvg +vg p vg prr+//prrvg p + p vg NUMBER OF FLIIES NUMBER OF FL ES 2876 2876 2433 2433 270 270 270 270 5849 5849 Notte:: Allthough crrossssoverr off non--siisstter chrromattidss ((chiiasma)) iiss obsserrved durriing ssperrmattogenessiiss iin malle No e A t hough c o ove o non s er ch o ma i d ch as ma ob e ved du n g pe ma o gene n ma e Drrossophiilla, acttuall crrossssiing overr orr rrecombiinattiion doess nott occurr. Forr tthiiss rreasson,, malless arre allwayss ussed D o oph a, ac u a c o n g ove o ecomb na o n doe no occu . Fo h e a on ma e a e a w ay u ed ass tthe "ttesstter" iin a ttestt crrossss.. a he " e e r" n a es c o A a B b C c An odd number of crossovers is needed to recombine loci Total Recombinant Progeny Total Progeny X 100 270 + 270 5849 X 100 = 9.2% 9.2 m.u. Handouts and Blackboard Work. ...
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