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Client Center Therapy - stay with him For example even Kin...

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King Hung Lai PSY 100 Client Centered Therapy I think Carl Rogers Client Centered Therapy is a great therapy. I always use it when I was listening to my friend. I think it is very useful for those people who want a great listener. Because I am a good listener, my friends always talk with me when they have trouble or feeling depress and upset. Usually, my friends talked to me about their love. In my opinion, I think those people who want a listener usually do not expect we answer them. They just want to tell us their mind, and vent their emotion. Last month, Kin, who is my friend for almost 10 years, talked with me about his girlfriend Kelly. He told me that Kelly always rude to him, like always order him to do something, or
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Unformatted text preview: stay with him. For example, even Kin have no class today; Kelly still needs Kin goes to school with her. He told me that he feels really tired about that. During the discussion, I do not give any opinion. I just repeat what he said. For example, I answer him ‘’I listened that you want to broke up with Kelly, right?’’ After the discussion, he felt much better. Actually, I like to use this therapy to talk with my ‘’client’’ because it is easy to make my ‘’client’’ talk more about themselves. I think my ‘’client’’ like that too. They told me that every time after they talk with me, they feel much better....
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