final.themesinentrepreneurship - Meghan Bush December 7,...

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Meghan Bush December 7, 2009 AEM121 – Final Essay One of the themes that frequently emerged over the course of this semester concerns what it means to be an entrepreneur. From the various speakers who presented at our lectures, I learned that that to be a successful entrepreneur, one does not necessarily need to be an expert in the field in which he or she is operating. Being an entrepreneur is not about being an extremely talented, super intelligent individual; in fact, many entrepreneurs are not particularly talented in their field at all (though it probably helps if they are). Being an entrepreneur is about identifying an unfulfilled need, communicating what that need is, developing a corresponding solution, and delivering. As Professor BenDaniel of the Johnson School puts it, an entrepreneur is an “opportunist who creates value from economic dis-equilibrium.” Entrepreneurship is about doing so in such a way that customers want to give you some money in return. And at the end of the day, it’s about selling yourself – your products, your expertise, your creativity, your vision. This final paper reflects on some of the characteristics, which were discussed over the course of this semester, that illustrate entrepreneurship as well as the human traits and qualities that ultimately distinguish successful entrepreneurs from the masses. Successful entrepreneurs transform problems into opportunities by approaching situations
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final.themesinentrepreneurship - Meghan Bush December 7,...

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