COMM301 Prelim 3 Review - COMM301 Prelim 3 Review 17:32...

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Unformatted text preview: COMM301 Prelim 3 Review 17:32 Public Speaking Purposes o Entertain o Inform o Persuade Differ from casual interaction o More planning and preparation o Audiences contributions less obvious and immediate than speakers Credibility when listeners believe in a speaker and trust what speaker says; based on speakers position, authority, knowledge, dynamism, and trustworthiness o Initial credibility based on credentials o Derived credibility based on performance o Terminal combination of the two Types of organization o Chronological o Spatial o Topical o Wave o Comparative Persuasive organization o Problem/Solution o Cause/Effect o Motivated Sequence attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, action Forms of evidence o Statistics o Examples o Comparisons o Quotations o Visual aids Rhetorical Situation-Bitzer o Single person with single voice = most effective o Simple is better than complex Exigence = situation that cant be avoided but can be mediated or improved via rhetoric Toulmin Model o Claim o Warrant o Reason o SEPA: State it, Explain it, Prove it, Again, state it Public Relations Know audience Be good at networking Pitch in clear manner make appropriate...
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COMM301 Prelim 3 Review - COMM301 Prelim 3 Review 17:32...

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