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Essay #1: Depp as Icon Actors face critical key moments in their careers that essentially “make or break” their long-term success. While these vital situations can be utterly devastating to an individual’s professional career (not to mention, demolish one’s sense of self-worth), they present opportunities that, if exploited properly, offer endless potential to capitalize on one’s career – oftentimes taking the role as that “big break” (or conversely, big bang – i.e. Kanye West’s outrageous image-altering onstage actions during yesterday’s MTV VMA’s). In other words, it is oftentimes few essential critical moments that enable visionary individuals to distinguish themselves from the masses; and it is these moments that ultimately differentiate between a true “star” and an actor with starry eyes. Like the nature of shining stars in any other industry, it is by no accident that certain key players in the film industry experience continued success. Talent alone for a movie star is no more useful in the film industry than it is for a painter in the market for fine arts or a designer in the fashion industry. While specialized talent undoubtedly takes on an important role in an artists’ career, it is the strategy, use of logic, and poise that truly characterizes the artistic aspect of one’s artistry. And the unique element of “the constant spotlight” in the film industry only intensifies the significance of an actor’s every strategy, every moment, every action. In this way, stars essentially have an entrepreneurial aspect about them that sets
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Depp.Icon.BlackboardEssay - Essay#1 Depp as Icon Actors...

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