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Unformatted text preview: Bill Trenchard: Jump10_NetworkingCornell Ithaca Gateways was going decently well. I actually took off a semester, I did a semester leave in the beginning of my junior year. I actually didn't even want to be in school anymore, this is what I wanted to do. I knew I really wanted to start and run businesses for my career, and I didn't see any reason to go to school for that. Because, like I used the example before, of no barriers to entry, and some of the lessons being taught in the classes, just didn't seem to make any sense in this new business. Again, now we look back on it and say, "That's pretty true in some instances," but my parents really wanted me to get my education, so I stayed in school. While I stayed in school, I met lots of other students who were interested in the web, and I had a going concern, so people were attracted to me, and they started working with me. One of these guys, whose name was Mike Holland, and he actually worked for what I thought was a competitor, and we ended up sitting down at this table in Collegetown, and having a meeting that I was really stand-offish on, and I was really trying to judge his intentions and see what he wanted out of me. Turns up two weeks later, he sent me an email saying he really just wanted to work for me, because his business that he was working for just didn't get it, and they didn't do the new thing well. In working with Mike, and people like Mike, I started growing a really good group of engineers, and artists and people who were all students at Cornell and very talented. It enabled me to pursue something outside of developing other people's websites. So, I always made lists of ideas, things which I thought would be really big on the internet, and here I have a very small struggling business but a lot of spare time, more than anything else, to put into a lot of other ideas. That idea of incubating new concepts, inside of this growing concern was something that really was my framework, and ended up being a big portion of one of the really great models that I came up with for being successful. And it actually had landed me right now where I am in an incubator. Trenchard13_workLifeBalance Most of the people at the company around the same amount of hours I work in a week. Most of them have families. If you look at the average age of Live Ops, I am actually the youngest person of the company, or one of the youngest people of the company. We just hired Greg. He is younger than me. Certainly, in the senior management team I am the youngest. I think the average age in the company is probably in the mid 30s. So, a lot of the people at the company have families. They have a wife and kids or spouses, excuse me, and kids. A lot of them have been through the Netscape days. A lot of them are from Netscape where they were sleeping under their cubicle and all of that. It burns people out, and it really is an unsustainable situation. I think you really do need a healthy balance, and people talk about it all of the time. Yet, I think situation....
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eclipquotes - Bill Trenchard: Jump10_NetworkingCornell...

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