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Jason Spiegel Public Opinion Analysis of Case 3 Sandra Henderson’s primary goal should be to solidify a positive public opinion. Here, we will examine the 3 major issues central to her campaign. Further, depending on how we define “Public”, we will analyze the way in which those 3 issues will affect the outcome of the election. The “crowd” approach is one way of looking at public opinion. This viewpoint focuses on public as a collection of shared emotions. The fact that Sandra Henderson is a war veteran will generate a powerful and passionate backing for her dedication and pride in America. Presidential candidates such as John McCain, a former prisoner of war, have played a role in generating a symbolic association has between military heroes and excellent governmental leaders because of the emotional baggage attached to war. A “mass” viewpoint focuses on interpersonal isolation, as a way of defining the public. This perspective may hurt Sandra’s public opinion. In our society, it is both
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