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Lauren alludes to a fascinating concept in her response that I am eager to flesh out a bit more. This idea has to do with Depp's self-perception and how it inevitably differs in the eyes of the public. In other words, despite Depp’s understanding of himself and how true to form this understanding may be, the public and spectators will ultimately see what they want to see, which is evident by “The Two Johhnies” article. As Lauren points out, “Hedegaad” (like many writers) “talks about things that have no place in the interview at all,” in order to paint a picture of a more interesting character for the public’s viewing. It is in this way, then, that true stars become actors not only in their on-screen roles, but also in their off-screen lives, in which they are constantly fulfilling some “role”. What is ironic, then, is the way that these individuals come to learn and prepare for these roles: one form of preparation rooting itself in methods and strategies; the other in life
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