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The X and Y of Buy - The X and Y of Buy A Study Guide Women...

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The X and Y of Buy A Study Guide - Women control 83% of all consumer purchases (even traditional “male” purchases like decking and cars) Basically, you need to read this book and become familiar with all the sex differences it discusses and their implications for personal selling. I will test your knowledge of this book by listing various mental, physical and behavior characteristics of people as well as various sales actions. You will then be asked to indicate whether those characteristics best describe men or women and those sales actions work best on men or women. Among the sex differences to be familiar with are those having to do with: evolutionary roles as hunters and/or gatherers (basically this says that we have innate differences hardwired in our brains and despite the slow closing of the gender gap, some of these traits are still relevant for marketers to capitalize on) o Men- hunted in groups, made weapons, traveled great distances from home: needed strength, quick decision making, rules and hierarchy of a group, and a heightened fight-or-flight response o Women- kept campfires burning, chased children from fires, protected the camps from predators, listened for thunder, provided care for the sick, made clothes, nursed children, foraged for food, stored food: needed great sense of smell, taste, hearing, and peripheral vision; negotiation and arbitration skills; stamina; ability to plan for the long term; multitasking capacity relative size of right and left hemespheres of the brain o Men- right hemisphere is larger and the source of spatial reasoning; men will use either hemisphere, but not both simultaneously= ability to separate emotions from problems, act quickly, move to next activity o Women- 15% more blood flow in their brains, left hemisphere is larger than right and women use both hemispheres for many activities size of corpus callosum (CC is the connection between the two hemispheres) o Men- CC is less dense o Women- CC is 23% larger in women relative to brain size, which explains women’s heightened senses, social awareness, and ability to connect seemingly random files to each other effects of age on brain size and structure o Men- lose their brain tissue in the frontal and temporal lobes, which are the areas associated with feeling and thinking; men also lose up to 20% of their neurons in the CC by age 50; (chart in book) left hemisphere shrinks, causing irritability and other personality changes o Women- lose brain tissue later in the aging process, and in the area where they are already most challenged… the viso-spatial area (and also memory), this causes problems with remembering and navigating operation of the Hypothalamus
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o Men- operates on principle of negative feedback to maintain constancy in emotion o Women- operates on principle of positive feedback, which increases emotional highs and lows levels of Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone (and what these hormones do)- Important to note: As hormones decrease with age, men and women become more
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The X and Y of Buy - The X and Y of Buy A Study Guide Women...

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