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Unformatted text preview: Jason Spiegel, Ben Weiss, Meghan Bush, Christine Wong In the Analysis of Sandra Henderson’s campaign, our group found all 4 perspectives to be useful, however two stood out as the most helpful: public opinion and campaign theory. We found that public opinion perspective was extremely relevant to the case. Analysis of how voters think about a candidate is a factor crucial to winning any campaign. By examining how the public can be defined, our group was able to critique, then provide advice on how to improve each issue within the campaign. The reason that public opinion theory was especially helpful was because how you view public, whether it be through a “mass”, “crowd”, or “public” lens, changed the meaning of each issue regarding the campaign. If Sandra wishes to emerge as the victorious candidate, providing means of testing public opinion, such as polling or interviews, is immensely important, as this information provides up to date assessment on whether the theories used to design her campaign are working. Campaign Theory analysis was also very useful _______________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________...
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V2.Campaign.SpiegelWeissBushWong.Comm1101 - Jason Spiegel...

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