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Math54(Teleman)solutionsPMT1 - true and for a case of only...

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Math 54 (Teleman) Practice Midterm: Solutions to True/False: 1. True/False a. False- ex. (1,0) is not a zero vector b. True c. False- every system of homogenious solutions admits a trivial solution, but not all are linearly independent. (if it said that it only admits trivial solutions then this statement would be true) d. False- All are in R^2 and at most you can have is two that are linearly independent e. False- only need one linear combination (only if non-zeros, then it would be
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Unformatted text preview: true and for a case of only 2 vectors, still false because one can be a linear combination of one while the other is not) 2. True/False a. True b. True c. False- T(x) = Ax A=0 matrix does not rotate R^2 d. True e. False- For R^3, you need 3 vectors; dim(col(A))=2 so it’s in R^2 f. False- as long as it just doesn’t equal zero...
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