taoism - Religious Taoism Practice aimed at attaining...

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Native Religion Of China: Taoism Chuang Tzu Tao Te Ching - the taoist scripture Major concepts in Tao Te Ching Tao: the way Te: virtue, power, nature endowed value intrinsic to everything in the universe principles of paradox principle of wu-wei (non-action) live and act according to the way of nature and avoid artificiality Lao Tzu Principles for Human Conduct (cont'd) avoid al "artificialities" by "artificiality," taoist mean everything "man made" culture, government, institutions of all kinds institutionalized wisdom (institutionalized education) institutionalized morality (law, rules and convention, manners and etiqoettes) institutionalized violence (arms military) Thus his outlook is: anti-institutionalism (but not anti-social) anti-ritualism anti-militarism anti-intellectualism (but far from advocating ignorance; they are al for life-giving wisdom and intellect)
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Unformatted text preview: Religious Taoism Practice aimed at attaining "immortality" (i.e., physical immortality), involving alchemy (chemistry of immortality), elixir, fountain of youth Cinnabar and Gold (chemicals of immortality) Kunlun Mountains of the West (mountains of immortals) Islands of the eastern sea (isles of immortals) belief in the correspondence between: the universe (macrocosm) <- -> the human body microcosm Three fields of Cinnabar high field of cinnibar the brain middle field heart and the surrounding lower field body below the navel These fields of Cinnabar are homes to guardian spirits (shen), but are also inhabited by maleficent creatures (worms, or cadaveric demons) Tai Chi exercise Cinnabar mad mostly of sulfur reddish color...
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taoism - Religious Taoism Practice aimed at attaining...

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