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05. Macroevolution - 1 2 Macroevolution How do new species...

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1/15/2009 1 1 Macroevolution How do new species come into existence? How do evolutionary trends result in genera, families etc ? families, etc.? How do complex structures come about? Is anything “irreducibly complex?” 2 If humans descended from apes, why are there still apes? Apes and humans descended from populations of a more generalized ancestral species, and adapted to different niches By doing this, they avoided competition with each other and increased their chances of survival 3 The Okapi and the giraffe made a similar split, one staying in the forest, the other adapting to the savanna 4 Microevolutionary change (anagenesis) alone is not enough to create biological diversity Also required is Also required is cladogenesis 5 What is a species? Why are these not separate species? 6 How do these concepts of species differ from one another? Phylogenetic species concept (traditional morphological concept) Biological species concept Evolutionary species concept (based on phylogenetic analysis) Ecological species concept In what sense are they the same?
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1/15/2009 2 7 What ecological conditions promote the formation of new species?
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