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Unformatted text preview: Energy, Work & Conservation of Energy Topics of Discussion Work Work Done by a Constant Force Types of Energy The WorkEnergy Theorem Conservation of Energy Work Done by a Variable Force NonConservative Forces & Work Power Work The work, measured in Joules (J), is the energy transferred to or from an object by means of a force acting on the object. Energy transferred to an object is positive work (+W). Energy transferred from an object is negative work (W). Work Done by a Constant Force The work W done by a constant force F through a displacement s is given by W = (Fcos ) s where is the angle between the force and displacement vector. F s Fcos Types of Energy The energy associated with the motion of an object of mass m at a speed v is called the kinetic energy. The energy associated with the geometry or configuration of the object of mass m is called the potential energy. Kinetic Energy The kinetic energy KE or energy of motion is given by KE = mv where v is the velocity of the mass m. The WorkEnergy The...
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