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The basis vectors represent xaxis fundamental

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Unformatted text preview: and direction where ĵ = <0,1> are called basis vectors, Ax and Ay basis are the x and y–components (scalars), and θ is components the direction of the vector as measured from the positive x–axis. The basis vectors represent x–axis. fundamental directions in the plane, and any vector can be written in the above form. 2–Dimensional Vectors, cont. A vector is represented as a directed ray from vector the origin to the point (Ax, Ay). 2–Dimensional Vectors, cont. . The magnitude of the vector is given by The 2 2 A = A = Ax + Ay The vector hasAy direction θ ygiven by The a direction A −1 = tan θ = a tan A A x x . 3–Dimensional Vectors Recall that we can write a location in the three Recall dimensional space as the point (Ax, Ay , Az). A 3–dimensional vector A = <Ax, Ay , Az> = Ax i+ dimensional vector <A Ay j + Az k is a physical quantity that has both magnitude and direction, where the vectors i = direction where <1,0,0>, j = <0,1,0> and k = <0,0,1>...
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