At any point inside a conductor the electric field is

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Unformatted text preview: conductor, the electric field is zero. A conductor shields any charge within it from external electric fields. Electric field lines enter or exit perpendicular to the surface of a conductor. Gauss's Law A Gaussian surface S is an imaginary surface that encloses a charge q. The volumetric flow of electric field lines through a Gaussian surface is called the electric flux E, and is given by E = ( E cos ) A where each term in the sum represents the electric field E line at an angle relative to the normal a surface of area A. Applications of Gauss's Law Let R be the radius of a thin spherical shell of charge q. Then the electric field is given by q E = 4 0 r 2 0 r> R r< R Let the surface charge of a parallel-plate capacitor of area A. Then the electric field inside a parallel-plate capacitor is given by E= 0...
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