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Margaret Gillespie Topographic Maps (Lab 7) 1. What kind of information can you get from a topographic map? Why would this information be potentially useful? Topographic maps show spatial relationships of Earth’s surfaces through contour lines. Geologists can find distances between features and find their ways to a specific feature. They can also determine elevations, slope angles and volumes accurately. This information is useful to administrators who use them to plan economic development and environmental protection. 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using aerial photographs over topographic maps or vise versa? Aerial photographs: Advantages – you get a continuous view of the area below, they are taken so that about 60% of the image overlaps between two adjacent photos, you see straight down at the core of each picture, pictures can be taken through a stereoscope so the image appears 3- D, they can be black and white or color, infrared light waves can be detected, water
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