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Unformatted text preview: Chapters 1 and 8 1) What are reasons for wanting to get in or maintain a fitness shape? There are several benefits of exercising regularly, which include lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, back pain and getting, increasing psychological functionality, bone density, appearance and self-concept, muscle strength, endurance, efficiency of heart and lung performance, delaying the age process and helping work capacity and induces fatigue and relaxation. 2) What are other ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle besides routine exercise? Avoiding cigarettes and other tobacco products, being sensible in relation to drinking, handling stress and being conscious of your safety. 3) Define: Power, Overload, Progressive resistance, and muscle strengthening. Power is the result of strength and speed. By increasing either strength or speed, power increases as a result. Overload is when you force a muscle to contract at its highest tension. Progressive resistance is increasing the intensity of the pressure you put on a muscle to make sure strength is...
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