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2 - Margaret Gillespie PHS 130 Section B Chapter 2 1 What...

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Margaret Gillespie PHS 130 Section B September 21, 2006 Chapter 2 1. What are important aspects of goal setting? There are four aspects of setting a goal. The first is to pick a goal that is attainable through adequate effort. The second is to remember that your success has a direct relation to how much effort you put into it and experiences some discomfort is expected. The third is to determine the outcome of your goal, whether it is attained or not. The fourth aspect is to pick new goals when yours have been reached. 2. List some of the guidelines you should use to keep you exercising. In order to stay motivated while exercising, you should do several things, including finding a place that is close to home or work, putting variety into your workouts, setting achievable goals, keeping track of the changes in your body (heart rate, strength, weight), not obsessing over exercising, working out with someone who will support you, maintaining a patient attitude, compiling a time table that can withstand change, staying within your comfort zone and finally
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