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12 - go The next step the fifth step is breathing deeply...

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Margaret Gillespie Section B August 31, 2006 Chapter 12 1. What is a stress response? A stress response is a reaction to anything that the body distinguishes as a threat to stability or equilibrium levels. As a result of this threat, your nervous system steps up to fight back: heart rate and breath increases, pupils dilate and muscles tense up. These reactions result in a more stimulated mental and physical consciousness. 2. Describe the seven-step relaxation program. The seven-step relaxation program starts with finding a quiet place: no phones ringing, music playing or TV on. Secondly, positioning yourself in a position that is comfortable to you. Thirdly, placing yourself in an environment that is relaxing to you, whether that is in the mountains or sleeping on the beach. Fourthly is centering on your feelings and letting thoughts
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Unformatted text preview: go. The next step, the fifth step, is breathing deeply and holding it for a few seconds. The sixth step is to let that breath go along with any tension in your muscles. The seventh and final step is to simply repeat the first six steps a few times with thirty seconds in between each step. 3. What is the progressive relaxation exercise? The progressive relaxation exercise is a more concise muscle relaxation program that begins with a pattern involving hands, biceps, forehead, eyes, facial area, chest, abdomen, legs and feet. Concentration should remain on relaxing each muscle group in order. Over time, relaxation should be accomplished in about five minutes and eventually in one minute. This program sounds similar to yoga....
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