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Chapter 2 Quiz - 1 Which oF the Following statements is...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Which oF the Following statements is incorrect regarding the Constitution? Your Answer: It establishes the United States as a Christian nation. 2. In order to solve the confiict between desiring a stronger national government and avoiding central control. the Framers established a system oF Your Answer: Federalism 3. Regarding checks and balances. which oF the Following statements is correct? Your Answer: The Senate and the House oF Representatives have an absolute veto over each other in the enactment oF laws. because both houses must approve bills. 4_ The rise oF national political parties, expansion oF the electorate, changes in technologyr and the growth oF presidential power are ways the system oF checks and balances have been Your Answer: modified 5_ m A reFerendum is: Your Answer: a method by which voters can reconsider actions oF the legislature. 6_ m The press, wealthy individuals and religious leaders have benefited in their eFForts to gain more influence over government through: Your Answer: changes in technology. 7_ m Which oF the Following statements is incorrect regardingjudicial review? Your Answer: The Constitution clearly states who should have the final word in disputes that might arise over its meaning. 3_ m Justice Thurgood Marshall believed that the meaning oF the Constitution: Your Answer: changes over time because it is a "living document." 9. m In Mar-bury v Madison. ChieF Justice John Marshall reFused to issue a writ oF madamus because: Your Answer: the Judiciary Act oF 1 ?89 is contrary to Article III oF the Constitution. 10. m Scholars argue that Marshall's decision in Mar-bury v. Madison was brilliant because: Your Answer: it gained the power to declare laws passed by Congress unconstitutional For the Court. 11_ m Which oF the Following is not Found in Article 1 oF the Constitution? Your Answer: A person convicted on impeachment charges may not be subject to trial, judgment, and punishment according to the law. 12. The power to keep executive communications confidential. especially iFthey relate to national security is: Your Answer: executive privilege. 13. Judicial interpretation oF the Constitution by the Supreme Court has: Your Answer: saved the document From Frequent Formal amendment. 14. How does our nation have a constitutional government when the Constitution is constantly being changed by interpretation and change by inFormal methods? Your Answer: It is an expression oF basic personal liberties and an instrument oF government. 15_ m Ill'll'hich oF the Following amendments took away From the electorate the right to elect a person to the oFFlce oF president For more than two Full terms? Your Answer: Tw enty-Second 16. m Which oF the Following amendments was not intended to limit the power oF state governments? Your Answer: Eleventh 17. A convention called try Congress at the request of the legislatures in two-thirds of the states is: Your Answer: a method For proposing amendments. 18. The Supreme Court has said that ratification must take place within Your Answer: a reasonable time 19. The Twenty-Seventh Amendment was ratified as the result of: Your Answer: a student writing a paper at the University of Texas. 20. m Which of the Following is true regarding the proposed Equal Rights Amendment? Your Answer: It demonstrated that the Framers intended the amending process to be diFr'Icult. ...
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