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Appendix C Decision Process Problem recognition Describe the problem that initiated the consumer decision- making process The consumers perceive their needs and how they recognize the problem. Also, the problem has to bother someone enough for the person to focus on ot/ Lately, I have back pain and woke up a couple times a night, so I thought it was time for me to get a new mattress. Information search Describe where and how information about the product, and alternate products, was obtained. The consumers search the information from the companies’ web sites, consumer feedback, advertising, brochures, friends, and so on. I checked out the Firm Mattress company’s web site, Sleep Number Bed’s web site and shopped around at the mattress stores. I asked my friends who are using the Sleep Number for their opinions. Evaluation of alternatives Describe the evaluation criteria for the product purchased and alternative products. The consumers evaluate the criteria represented in different products. Then they narrow down some products which they are attracted to. I needed a bed which could
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mkt230_appendix_c - Appendix C Decision Process Problem...

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