ECO205_Week 6_Labor Market Research

ECO205_Week 6_Labor Market Research - Labor Market Research...

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Labor Market Research Trang Fay Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Shortage of nurse is not only a problem in Michigan but the whole country also. There are many factors affect to the supply of nurses. Aging workforce is one of them. For instance, in 2008 about 39 percent of registered nurses (RNs) were planning to stop practicing within ten years. The amount of nurses at ages from 45 to 54 is high. There are not enough younger nurses to balance the amount of the retiring nurses. “The survey showed that approximately 17 percent of active registered nurses are aged 55 or older. Seventy-five percent of registered nurses aged 55 and older say that they plan to stop practicing nursing within the next 10 years, and another 15 percent say they don’t know how much longer they will practice.” (Survey shows nurses valued, in high demand, 2009, para.2) Moreover, most people enroll in nursing education programs at later ages, likely in their early thirties. It takes two years to finish the program. By the time these nurses graduate they will be in their middle or late thirties. This issue will contribute to an older workforce. Work environment is another factor. Most nurses are not satisfied at work. There are many reasons such as inadequate salary, lack of support, high workloads, family concerns, and so on. The last factor is education capacity. There are
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ECO205_Week 6_Labor Market Research - Labor Market Research...

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