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Nursing Care Plan Guide Assessment of Universal Self Care Requisites Assessment Planning Evaluation Universal self care requisites Nursing diagnosis Expected outcomes Nursing interventions Rationale Outcome assessment DEFINITION: (USCR) the category of self- care requites that are basic and common to all humans and are constantly present; these needs must be met to achieve optimal health and well-being. These are eight universal self-care requisites: (1) Air (2) Food (3) Water (4) Elimination (5) Activity and rest (6) Solitude and social interaction (7) Prevention of hazards (8) Normalcy Self-care agency (SCA)- assets or abilities of an individual to perform self-care. Self-care deficit (SCD)-deficit relationship that exists when the demand for self-care exceeds the person’s ability to perform self-care. Nursing system: the series of organized concrete action performed by nurses in collaboration with the patient. There are three types of
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