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Psychiatric Nursing Practice Test Questions with Answer Key Downloaded from Pinoy RN | www.PinoyRN.co.nr BASIC CONCEPTS 1. The DSM-IV is a tool utilized for diagnosis I mental health settings. This multi-axial system includes: a. Nursing and medical diagnosis b. Frameworks of specific theories c. Assessments for several areas of functioning d. Specific critical pathways 2. The nurse meets with the client daily. The client stays mostly in his room and speaks only when addressed, answering briefly and abruptly while keeping his eyes on the floor. In this stage of their relationship, the nurse focuses on the client’s ability to a. make decisions b. relate to other clients c. function independently d. express himself verbally 3. The client has tearfully described her negative feelings about herself to the nurse during their last three interactions. Which of the following goals would be most appropriate for the nurse to include in the care of plan at this time? The client will a. Increase her self-esteem b. Write her negative feelings in a daily journal c. Verbalize her work-related accomplishments. d. Verbalize three things she likes about herself 4. The most important assessment data for the nurse to gather from the client in crisis would be: a. The client’s work habits b. Any significant physical health data c. A past history of any emotional problems in the family d. the specific circumstances surrounding the perceived crisis situation 5. A female client is admitted for surgery. Although not physically distressed, the client appears apprehensive and alienated. A nursing action that may help the client to feel more at ease includes: a. Telling her that everything is all right b. Giving her a copy of hospital regulations c. Orienting her to the environment and unit personnel d. Reassuring her that staff will be available if she becomes upset TIP: Paranoid patients frequently use the defense mechanism of projection. 6. On arrival for admission to a voluntary unit, a female client loudly announces: “Everyone kneel, you are in the presence of the Queen of England.” This is: a. A delusion of self-belief b. A delusion of self-appreciation c. A nihilistic delusion d. A delusion of grandeur 7. A client refuses to eat food sent up on individual trays from the hospital kitchen. The client shouts, “You want to kill me.” The client has lost 8 pounds in 4 days. In discussion of this problem, with the assigned staff member, which statement by the nurse indicates an accurate interpretation of this client’s needs? a. “The client is malnourished and may require tube feedings.” b. “The client is terrified. Ask the kitchen to send foods that are not easily contaminated such as baked potatoes c. “Continue to observe the client. When the client gets hungry enough, the client will eat.” d. The client appears frightened. Spend more time with the client, showing a warm affection.” 8. The nurse is discussing the orientation phase. The student nurse asks what the primary goal between the nurse and the
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6465850-Psych-Nsg-Sample-Questions - Psychiatric Nursing...

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