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NAME ___________________________ DATE _________ SCORE ______ Instruction: Choose the best answer and encircle the letter of your choice. NURSING THEORIES 1. How is a theory different from a conceptual framework? a. A theory may contain constructs. b. A theory is made up of concepts and propositions. c. A theory includes testable propositions. d. A theory is more abstract and less specific than a conceptual model. 2. In Orem's nursing model, the role of the nurse is to: a. influence the client's development in achieving an optimal level of self-care. b. promote the client's adaptive behaviors by manipulating stimuli. c. identify and help the individual respond to stressors. d. help clients develop patterns of living that accommodate environmental changes. 3. Maintenance of system equilibrium is a goal of: a. Dorothy Johnson's behavioral systems model. b. Rosemarie Parse's human-living-health model. c. Betty Neuman's health-care systems model. d. Imogene King's systems interaction model. 4. According to Leininger's care theory, caring values and behaviors are derived largely from a person's: a. culture. b. experience. c. education. d. occupation. 5. Which nursing activity best demonstrates the application of the Nightingale theory of nursing? a. working with a community group to improve air quality in the city b. taking a client to the chapel in a wheelchair c. manipulating a client's energy fields through therapeutic touch d. focusing on communication and mutual goal setting 6. A nurse is studying nursing theorists and wants to find something to support the belief that caring, when providing care, includes a personal response on the part of the nurse. Which of the following theorists would support what this nurse is trying to find? a. Florence Nightingale
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b. Virginia Henderson c. Jean Watson d. Hildegard Peplau 7. According to Peplau, the phase of the nurse-client relationship where the client has the most power is termed: a. orientation. b. identification. c. exploitation. d. resolution. HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEM 8. A purpose of primary health care is to: a. provide long-term care. b. provide rehabilitative care. c. prevent diseases. d. provide specialized services. 9. The physical condition of a client who is considered terminally ill is deteriorating rapidly. The nurse wants to refer the client to an organization that provides special care for dying people. Such an organization is: a. a hospice. b. the Veterans Administration. c. a community health center. d. a health-maintenance organization. 10. The case manager for the oncology unit is a professional nurse responsible for: a. arranging home care. b. assisting with financial arrangements. c. coordinating all aspects of client care. d.
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19929070-17365421FundaExam - NAME DATE SCORE Instruction...

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